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    more details
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    noone :( ?

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    you rarely see them with a printed insignia,.usually they are full cotton construction,.the pattern construction & material look of the era,.but i cant say definetly one way or the other,.i will say it has a chance,.do a UV light or a burn test on the cotton stitching then you will get your answer,.if it burns its cotton & may be a genuine TR era item,if it melts its a synthetic cotton,.most likely post war.under a UV/Black light if the stitching or cotton glows its got dye or synthetic materials in it & is most likely post war,if not its pure cotton,as used in the TR,.i am pretty sure that is how the UV/Blacklight & burn test works.the printed swastika for me is a big ??????,..hope this helps


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    Strange construction with the printed swastika. Perhaps some earlier version? I would stay with standard woven versions unless the price is low personally.

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    UV test revealed the fake :(



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