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    HJ Armband, OK ?

    I need your help please, is this Armband original or a copy and if it is original, it is an early one.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards

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    For me it looks okay. Not an
    specific armband but looks period from the photos. If the price is not too much I would take a chance. Sometimes items were used that were not regulation. Many makers lost
    permits for making non specification items.

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    Hello Alois,

    this HJ armband is ok and it is an early one. As regards HJ armband, four different patterns have been worn.
    Here is an another one....!
    Best regards



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    Thank you Darin, Thank you Eric

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    For me the piece looks also ok ...
    Here is another example of me ...

    Best regards
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    I like this one too. Although like it was said above, larger pics would be better.

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