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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly Wally View Post
    I hate to wade in on these "is it period" threads, truth can hurt. Its sometimes difficult to judge cloth or anything else when its not in hand.In this case. Douglas,I really don't like anything I see in the entire photo let alone the 2 foremost armbands but that's just me and I am looking at a photo. Doubt and suspicion are a prevalent thing in this hobby any more and as I have entered my reclining years I tend to have more doubt.
    No, I appreciate your comments. I'm new to HJ collecting, somewhat, and my feelings on all the armbands as pictured is right in line with your thoughts. Just wanted to get some outside opinions. I had planned to pass on them, and have no desire to purchase them now for sure! Someone has suggested that the one in the lower portion of the pic is of an earlier era, non-TR. They may be right on that one.

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    :) I'm the someone and I can guarantee that the lower armband is not HJ. You would be well advised not to touch the Einsatzgefolgschaft armband with a barge pole unless you can get it cheap. If you can it will afford you the luxury of being able to wait for evidence to surface which will support the case (or indeed not) for it being authentic. At the moment nothing points to it being something which would have been worn by Einsatzgefolgschaft members.

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    Hi Garry,

    I knew that "someone" was you! Just trying to give you a "thanks" for your good info.

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    Like this??

    HJ einsatz.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylesbullets View Post
    Like this??

    There is nothing in the 1938 regulation (still extant in 1943) that would support the period existence of special Einsatzgefolgschaft armbands. As mentioned previously, the distinguishing feature of the Einsatzgefolgschaft uniforms was the cuff title mentioned in the regulations. This makes sense because the DJ also provided personnel for the Einsatzgefolgschaft so with that in mind why give the HJ members an additional armband? It makes no sense so in lieu of photographic or other evidence I will continue to view these armbands as fantasy products.

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    There is a discussion regarding one of these currently on another forum. I would personally avoid this unless the price was very low without good solid evidence that it was indeed used.

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    I saw that discussion. He was directed to this thread where quotes are given from black and white primary literature that doesn't mention a special armband but does mention a special cuff title. Despite that he still thinks his armband has a chance. Based on what?! Blind hope?

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