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    Homemade Hitler Youth variant armband

    This one's a homemade multi piece construction. The stripe and white background are one piece, sewn to the red background. The swastika is sewn onto the one piece white background. There is a name tag on the reverse and buttons with loops for fastening to the uniform. Just arrived today, my first HJ armband in the new collection.

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    Very nice item !
    I preferd this item (who have wear) that an official-issue nine with rzm-label !
    This item have a name , he have history !
    Congratulation .

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    I prefer this armband too, its more interesting, and better made

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    Thanks guys, I like this one a lot. I may start a small armband collection just to compliment my shoulder strap collection. Here's another photo of this one next to some others for size comparison, it's quite large.
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    Congratulations gentleman and good luck with your new objectives!

    I have to agree that a used one has a special "spirit". I have a used one and I just love it. It still have a few little strings from being attached to an uniform.



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    very nice piece darin one to cherish well done mate

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    It has a great look to it. Very interesting item

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    Cheers and thanks for the replies guys. I'm not really an armband collector, but I thought this one was pretty interesting so I picked it up.

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    Very interesting armband, I've never seen one before. Definitely good and desiderable

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    very interesting piece good buy. Just further shows money was scarce and mother's talents where never ending

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