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    Jungbann II/40 Pfingsttreffen Cham 1934 armband

    I thought I had posted this already but if I did I can't find it... Anyway, it's another special event armband like Atze's here and Edd's here. It's not mine but the owner sent me pics a couple of years ago and also gave me permission to post them. It's an armband worn by the participants on the 'Pfingsttreffen Jungbann BII/40 ' which was held in Cham in 1934. There were two colours as you can see but as it's impossible to tell who is wearing which type in the pictures the reason for the two colours is a mystery.

    P1010054.jpg P1010055.jpg P1010102.jpg P1010103.jpg

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    Auf den ersten Blick eine Unterscheidung nach Geschlecht, ab wenn gab es denn den Jungmädelbund?

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    Very cool, First time to see one like this.

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    I remember the old thread Garry. A very cool one off item. I love these type of HJ cloth items.

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    Same here :) I tried to buy the set but she wasn't interested. It was really nice of her to let me show everything though.

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