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    Local show find today...

    Hi guys,

    I attended a local (smaller) militaria show today. I was almost hoping I wouldn't see any (authentic) HJ items, so I would save some money...hehe.

    BUT, I added one more HJ armband to the collection. This makes three.

    I'm starting to feel like a hoarder

    Thanks for looking...


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    Great find .... I have been lucky to find them currently for as low as 50 dollars ... In the early 80s they were 5 dollars ...I think I might have around 20 LOL .

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    Thanks Joecool! 5 dollars???? Now, that would definitely make me a hoarder...hehe.

    I did not begin collecting HJ until a few years ago.

    When I first started collecting I made a rule for myself that I would not 'double-up' on pieces.

    That soon went out the window.

    Thanks for not making me feel so bad about my 'three'...hehe.

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    Nice text book example of a RZM armband.
    Thank you for sharing it here.

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