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    Is this a Marine-HJ armband?

    Hi all

    I need opinions for this HJ marine Armband Thanks

    Best Regards

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    I am sure that someone will help you here, everyone is probably still stuck in bed with a full gut from the Xmas binging and boozing.

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    Strange looking material on this item. I've never seen or heard of the M.HJ having any type of armband that was not the standard pattern armband, that would make me very cautious personally.

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    The armband looks good , However ; it needs an EXPLANATION to everyone who inquires about it .
    I would not buy it , unless you can get it for a cheap price where then you have little risk .
    All Marine HJ photos that I have seen show Regulation HJ armbands . This armband is NOT regulation .
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    I might be wrong, but I think this armband has been offered to me too... send you a PM.

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    I've never seen one like it before. The white stripe is very wide.
    Like Joe says, it would need to be very cheap.

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    The Marine-Jugend predated the Hitler Youth and until 1933 when it was assimilated there was a period of a couple of years where Marine-Jugend members may have worn the HJ armband. This is known to have happened with other youth organisations before they were banned or were voluntarily dissolved. The Marine-Jugend is shown in the regulations as "Jugendgruppen im Bund deutscher Marine-Vereine" and that it voluntarily joined the HJ.

    The blue stripes? Well, they may have denoted that the wearer was an ex-Marine-Jugend member (I'm thinking here of the empty promises made to the Scharnhorst youth about keeping their badge when they were assimilated). Perhaps they had some rank function - I don't know but people joining the Hitler Youth would normally be told to wear the HJ armband.

    We need to find further evidence for the legitimacy of the stripes and also check that the Marine-Jugend stamp is showing the design actually used by the organisation pre-1933 because if it isn't we can write the armband straight off.

    On the left is the current symbol of the Deutsche Marine-Jugend (DMV) and as you can see at its top left, the pennant there looks very similar to the one used on the armband stamp design:

    dmv.jpg dmv2.jpg

    This could be a nod to the past but as I say, we'd need to find some dated and stamped Marine-Jugend paperwork and then compare the pennant used with the one on the the armband. To be honest though, I don't think that the HJ armband would have been tampered with in this fashion.

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    With a 1930-permit that included descriptions (Satzung für die Jugendabteilung des Marine-Vereins)
    for the MJA (Marinejugendabteilung), the included stamp says in the outer ring Marine-Jugend-Gruppe
    and below the name for the location. The flag is the pennant, with at left the abbreviation MJA.

    This youth section was from the "Bund Deutscher Marine-Vereine". Various youth sections were created
    about 1929 (as for example Bielefeld). The official badge with headgear was oval and included the letters
    MJB (Marine-Jugend-Bund). The tally mentioned: M.J.A. - cityname - B.D.M.V.

    I have not found the indication Marine-Jugend with no further indication. My opinion is that I do have my
    doubts for this armband and its stamp. But one must know that many forms of naval youth-groups have

    With the incorporation of naval youth into the Marine-Hitler-Jugend, published in the Verordnungsblatt der
    from October 16, 1933 it is mentioned the HJ armband had to be worn, stamped by the
    local HJ-command. Nothing is said about extra stripes.
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    Thanks Wim.

    Here is a graphic which includes the pennant that can be seen on the stamp. The "blob" in the top left corner of the stamp on the armband is "MJ":



    Wim just sent me a 1931 ID for a member of the Marine-Jugend showing the stamp design. Thanks :) The design is essentially the same as the one shown on the armband but with the following differences:

    The pennant on the armband does not have "MJB" running vertically down the left side.
    The 1931 stamp shows a formation within the Marine-Jugend "Marine-Jugend Gruppe" whereas the armband stamp does not specify this.


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    I agree with Wilhelm and Garry that there were numerous Marine Jugend organisations
    all over The German Reich in the 1920's untill about 1933.
    Often far away from the sea and also many in the more southern parts of Germany.
    What we need is written evidence that Marine Jugend groups were allowed to join the HJ as a group
    and add these blue ribbons to their Armband.
    This would be a rare thing I would say. The stamp is not the breaking point for me. But the blue ribbon is.
    Everything we see here can be explained. All might be possible but still no prove yet.
    At least no one wants to sell it with another vet story - because then I would not give it a second look.
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