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    some say the reason for the stamp is because the armband was issued and not purchased,i have just posted on WMA FORUM a original photo of a stamped HJ armband in wear,under political org.the book was printed in berlin in 1938,so its no way a fake armband and stamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigel2003 View Post
    some say its no way a fake armband and stamp.
    Hi Nigel, what aspects of the armband, that we can see on the photo, have led to this authentication ?

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    i was refering to the one in the book,which i have posted a photo of on WMA as it has a district stamp on it.the armband posted on this forum,iam not so sure about,as i have seen a similar stiched swas,but cant remember where,or if it was original or a fake,thinking back i think it was a fake.but my photo proves that some HJ armbands were stamped.

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    Old thread but just in case anyone is looking for further info on the stamping of the HJ armband in general here's a discussion from 2012 confirming what Nigel mentioned:

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