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    Is this an original Hitler Youth RZM armband?

    I need to research this for a client, but I have no idea if real or fake. Any help would be appreciated. It was obtained in Germany by clients uncle. I had a Hitler Youth Dagger, but discovered it was made after the war, so wondering about this item.

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    It's not Hitler Youth. Click on any of the "similar threads" links below your post and you'll see what the HJ armband looks like.

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    It's a plain
    member armband. Though these are original, there is always questioning on the tags as they have
    tags but don't have the stripes that an
    armband would have on the top and bottom. some ideas are that they are left over tags that were used just to use them or they are for some unknown use. Either way there is less value then a mint one with the slight moth damage and not being constructed

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