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    Printed Hitler Youth armband.

    Hi everyone,

    (First of all my apologies for my bad English !)

    I have my collection expanded with HJ because this is very interesting.

    can you guys please help me with this armband what I bought from a dealer who gives 100% guarantee it's real.
    After i read al the threads on this forum about printed armbands i still doubt about it.

    can you guys please give you opinion ? Thanks

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    which threads did you read?
    What does the dealer give as his reason for believing that this armband is authentic?
    Who is the dealer?

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    I have read this thread
    After reading this thread i begin to doubt about the authentic. The printed armband was forbidden in the
    period (my armband have no
    When I saw the picture of early HJ people with printed armand, my doubt has increased.

    I have bought the armband at this dealer Military Antiques Holland2
    He guaranteed 100% authenticity because he always checks under uv light (in my opinion, this is not always evidence)

    I hope you guys can tell me more.

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    I bet the dealer says that's 'late-war production'. If he does, ask him to show you a refrence for that, something in black and white from before 1946.

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    That dealer lists an HJ Flieger uniform that is a put together item with mismatching insignia. Common practice among dealers that know very little about the HJ. They just throw a triangle and some straps on the shirt from any Bann that's cheap and easy to find and list the items as "genuine" or "original". Yes maybe genuine or original parts but put together well after the war, possibly even last week.

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    I had my doubts already about the dealer because he says everything to recognize authenticity with a uv light ?
    This was for me the first time a have buy from this dealer at a show. (

    But,... what do you guys think of the armband ?

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    When you observe attentively the backside of this armband, we see clearly that the used cloth is recent. I don't like it !

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    The same as this dealer here, who also claims that if it passes the UV test it is original.
    He (World Waugh Militaria) is registered here as well, but packed his toys a while ago.

    100% original.
    Stitching passes the Ultra violet light test.
    ITEM LINK, images below

    wwm2.JPG wwm1.JPG pabbd.JPG

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    Hello Jo,

    it's a pity for this Militaria dealer because he also has original items on his website ! Nonetheless we must remain objective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WIDUKIND View Post
    Hello Jo,

    it's a pity for this Militaria dealer because he also has original items on his website
    Yes, like item 50117: LINK

    Hitler Youth Doble sided car pennant (3)
    A Hitler Youth Doble sided car pennant. Three piece one side and three piece and embroided on the second side. Both sides are stitched together and it has the Hitler youth vehicle motif on one side embroided with eagle swastika and reef in the HJ diamond. Strengthened support sleeve passes the ultra violet stitching test. Very well constructed. Another item I have never seen in all my years of collecting. This also comes from my extensive collection.

    Code: 50117Price: 155.00 GBP
    ww2.JPG ww1.JPG

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