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    There is another discussion regarding printed armbands on the WAF currently. Some are stating that the size of the armband is a deciding factor. Angolia is also quoted there, but his information is sometimes wildly incorrect. Link:

    Small armband opinion - Militaria Forums
    Cheers, but no point in even clicking onto that forum. Bunch of minions and their tick-pickers. If you drop my name on that forum, its a thread killer. The book that i am working on - almost finished now, exposes more Littlejohn, Angolia, Ailsby etc books as ..."slightly incorrect" :-)
    Dont forget, WAF is not the place for F A C T S but rather for opinions by people who claim to be experts.

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    I found a number of price-lists from about 1934/1935
    and not just for HJ, but also for
    as well.
    In various of them the printed armbands were offered,
    for example as "ganz gedruckt" from J.F. Rieleder KG
    Posamentenfabrik, Heilbronn or Koblenzefahnenfabrik
    Bangert u. Hertwig from Koblenz.

    In my opinion the printed armbands are noted to be
    early products!

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    More evidence surfaces to dispel the collector myth of printed armbands being "late war" or "last ditch". Thank you Wim.

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