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    That's right Russ. The regulation was 9/41K dated 10.2.1941 and as you say it is a reminder that only red/white should be used. The regs have many examples of corrective measures like this dating in some cases to years after the official introduction of the item. I read one today about the new DJ leader cap which was introduced in 1938. A regulation came out a year later stopping DJ leaders just taking a HJ cap, sewing in aluminium cord, sticking a political eagle on it and making out that it was a procured item. Clearly they were doing it because if not why the regulation? :)

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    Garry, where can I get a copy of the regulations? What source are you using?



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    For the regulation references I use a 1942 book called 'Vorschriftenhandbuch der Hitler-Jugend Russ. It basically rounds up the changes in a lot of areas to that point and quotes or shows the relevant Reichsbefehle RJF. Very useful book but expensive even if you can find a copy.

    By pure coincidence a guy got in touch with me a while back and it turned that he was the one who had snapped the only copy I'd seen for sale from under my nose on one of Niemann's sales a couple of years ago. I'd love to find the other two parts to it one day.

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    Thanks Garry - they're obviously fairly difficult to come across, so it's great that we have access to it via yourself.



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    It's definitely a good tool to have in the old garden shed and I won't be keeping it to my chest so wherever a regulation can be used to clear something up I'll be whipping the book out and passing the information on.

    HJ-Research! :)

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    Garry,I have collected for 40+ years now and one of my biggest pet peeves over the last 15 years is people declaring items no good based on what the regulations stated.Your photo is a good example of why this attitude is wrong.I have a few homemade and printed armbands that many collectors have dismissed as bad.I KNOW THEY ARE GOOD!We sometimes forget that these were people and people can tend to "make due" without money to get what they need for work,school,etc.Good post you should pin it for our reference.

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    I agree completely these folks where just coming out of a great depression money was non existant and they did what they had to in order to get into uniform and look reasonable. For those who decry the out of the ordinary home made and non regulation stuff have missed the boat in a big way. There are many red flags to keep the collector on the straight such as stamps appearing on items etc.
    HOME MADE badges where common in the 20s for SA SS HJ and most other orgs there where some great home embroiders out there


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    I've seen homemade HJ stuff that looks like it was sewn by a bear cub wearing mittens, but it sure looked period.

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    and most probably was a burn test would clear that up pretty quick


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    That's one thing I've always wanted to find for my collection - a homemade HJ armband.



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