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    Russ they do show up and one guy who has had the most is LAKESIDETRADER
    in Ontario CANADA . I have listed his url in the dealer thread


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    Thanks Paul. I'll send him an email to keep a lookout for one. I've bought several items from him in the past.



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    Here's a printed one I got stuck with. Some of the members on a another forum say it's good, but I have my doubts. Never, ever seen a period photo and nobody can cite a regulation for this one. It's multi piece in regard to the strip, and the lettering and eagle are printed. It glows pretty well under blacklight, but burns okay. I didn't disagree with them, because it's like that old game whack a mole, you stick your head up and get smacked down with a club. :eek:
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    darin for some reason i like it very much,because of the fact that it is problaby a late war piece and the printing was done in haste,but most importantly if you like it and you are happy with it then it's OK.

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    Hi Daren

    I`m with Patrick .... I like it too .

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    I like it too, but I have to admit that I have never seen it.

    It makes sense to be printed being the last few months of the war. having said that, is there any pic somewhere showing this one?



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    Thanks for the opinions guys. I just have a hard time getting past the blacklight glow thing. I guess I should be a little kinder to this armband for now, it's just crumpled up in a ziploc bag in a drawer!

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    Darin the armband is still nice to display and it represents the very late stages of the war,where HJ had to fight off the rusky's with panzerfausts and so on.

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    Large HJ Armband with RZM tag!!! - Militaria Forums
    another printed armband for sale.

    i am very puzzled on this one personally I still prefer not to get close to these armbands, despite the attractive look and RZM label.

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    not really a printed armband in the real sense of the word, this armband has the symbol area added, while the printed ones are all one piece

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