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    Agreed, thank you for the posts Wim. Another often misidentified item has been cleared up for me. This is one of the reasons this forum is so good, the sharing of factual information for those of us that don't know. Thanks again Wim.

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    Hello Paul,

    I must have a look, but SA-reserve has two stripes along the edges I thought and
    not as the political armbands. If I have time I will look it up!

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    First: for the good order the drawings from the various types of armbands, as included with the Dienstbuch from March 1, 1932.
    Dienstbuch March 1, 1932.jpg
    As far as I know these armbands came into being in about 1929 for the political organization.
    These armbands were abolished with the Dienst-Vorschrifrt der Politische Organisation from July 15, 1932 as when the first
    version of collar indocations, in the form of braids (the later collar-patches) for the various levels were introduced.

    Further shown the order from the 1934 dress-regulation about the armband for SA-Reserve-II. After the full incorporation within
    the SA this type of armband was abolised as reserve-units were to be identified by their collar-patches.
    AO-March 1, 1934 - Vbl.d.OSAF Nr. 18 March 15, 1934.jpg
    The dress-regulation was from March 1, 1934 and was also published in the Verordnungsblatt der Obersten SA-Führung from
    March 15, 1934. The order specifically says along upper and lower edge!

    Maybe of interest for some of you: the SA-armbands were ordered to be stamped by their specific office, so it is not uncommong to see
    early HJ armbands with stamps, as the HJ was for quite some time a part for the SA.
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