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    What type of armband is this?

    Saw this and this is something I have never seen before. Any idea on what type of armband this is?

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    Do you mean this part? A developing error, or camera error maybe?

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    Agree with Jo - developing error or something along those lines

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    Yes that is the part I was talking about. I don't know why but it reminded me of the Reichswehr eagle at first glance. Thanks for your help!

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    Has to be. I collect postcards and anything old to do with my town, i must have a good few old postcards and photos that show similar errors. I even have original printing plates used for postcards that have errors on them!
    I would certainly put this down to some error, either with the camera or developing process.

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    It's cool how you have stuff related to your town. Cool how some of the plates even have errors. I'm surprised they didn't retake the photo or reprint them....

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