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    Wonky Homemade Hitler Youth Armband

    Got this one on Wacky Ass Forum Estand for 40 bucks all in. Looks period in hand, but who knows for sure. Burns like period material, feels like period material. Cheap price anyway.

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    LOL ... Luv it ... "Wacky Ass Forum" ... to funny Darin .

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    I should not make fun like that, but with some of the HJ related posts there as of late I don't know what else to say. A police riding patch being called HJ? and the guy seemed dead serious with the erroneous identification even after being shown examples of HJ riding patches and the
    specs that clearly say YELLOW. Now a paper bag being "proof positive" that a BDM and DJ exclusive knife was issued, are you kidding me?!! Wacky is the only thing that I can say. Not even worth my time to respond there to HJ related threads, I only comment on non collecting threads and use the EStand now. They can just go on whatever that Ron guy or the motel guru say for all I care, just don't try to sell me on any of that rubbish.

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    ya an estand junky myself, but there is some humour to be had on there also , but never worth getting involved , by the way that armband is interesting is the swas wool ?

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    It's all cloth Paul, no wool. Pretty crudely made. If it's fake it's a really bad attempt, looks like it was sewn by a bear cub wearing mittens.

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    EVEN though it is obviously homemade it is actually well constructed

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    It is sturdy. Cheap enough to have as a curiosity anyway. Could be good, maybe not.

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    have to say i like it also, and at that price you cannot go wrong imo!

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    I also like it Darin. Let me tell you why.
    As you say it feels good in hand, it makes me belive it is original.
    A faker would not spend time and effort on getting the right material
    and then not work hard on the processing.
    A faker would at least have used a black thread on the
    But a white thread was the only thing aviable for this boy's mother I guess.
    So, considering all these points I must say I like it.
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    I don't think you can go wrong and it looks early before standards on armbands IMO

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