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    "Blue" Hitler Youth buckle

    Does anyone have any thoughts about this most peculiar HJ buckle?

    A steel example and which is marked /23 (Presumably M4/23 for Dr. Franke und Cie. KG., Lüdenscheid).

    The peculiarity of course being the dark blue obverse paint finish which does appear to be period.



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    In my opinion , I feel that this buckel has been repainted . Normally on well worn belt buckles , you will see original paint retained in the lower deeper areas , opposed to the higher areas , look where there is hardly any paint in the areas just outside of the swastika . But you see allot of paint remaining on the outside base of the buckle itself . I could be wrong but I dont have a good feeling about the paint on this buckle . I think this buckle has been post war collector altered .
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    Any more thoughts on this one?

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    Blue= HJ Marine? LOL, no, i guess it looks like dis-colorization to me, seen the same blue patina many times on items that were heavily nickel plated.

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    I for one have never suggested, promoted or said that Blue=HJ Marine. It is quite simply a steel buckle with a blue/black painted obverse (period or non period is quite academic to myself) toward which I thought was peculiar and perhaps worthy of discussion. No more and no less.

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    Hi David,

    Not to speak for MWF but his "Marine-HJ" comment wasn't directed at you. It was meant humorously and as a dig at items like the membership badges with blue enamel that are described as "Marine-HJ", "Marine-HJ" knives, things like that.

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