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    Couple of new Deutsches Jungvolk buckles. RZM 59 and white rune

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    very nice buckles Lenny! the one with the silvered rune is awesome lookin!

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    Cheers mate, really chuffed with them. I also got a mint Julius Kremp M4/55 with paper label, see next post... :)

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    I'm looking for a great buckle like this also but have not found yet :o/

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    Great DJ's!!! Both of these are great looking buckles. DJ are quite hard to find in good condition! They were owned and used by children; while camping, hiking and playing in them so many examples are heavily worn or damaged. The first buckle
    59 is by Paul Cramer and a nice buckle but the real beauty here is the second buckle. The silver on silver DJ is far more rare and was only made by a few makers. I am not aware of a documented reason for the non standard color pattern. This buckle is marked
    UE 72 - which is also by the same maker Paul Cramer.
    Great buckles! thanks for sharing

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