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    DJ buckle variant

    well guys seen this earlier on another forum, it was shouting, buy me, buy me please! so i did , i am more like a magpie me if it shines and its gold then its mine!

    impulse buys are not good , but i think its a little Gem! its a midget sized 35mm

    i mind i spoke with a collector before about why his was so shiny and he said some had a clear coat over the rune but this was years ago, and i am now thinking someone probably just polished them up for sale!!

    however not an item you see very often so..

    had some expulsion from another ''venue'' recently so i might be around more often! (i can hear yous now, oh no tell me it aint so) but yes it is as i remembered my password


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    I have a couple of these in my collection. I don't see anything wrong with it. Looks as right as rain and not that easy to find. Congrats!

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    cheers Rob , and good to see you!! your smallies are nice , great collection!!

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