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Thread: hello gents

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    hello gents

    Hi guys
    I just found the forum again, and am really looking forward to contributing ! I have not had much connection with my collecting lately and I am really looking forward to getting back into it...
    My schedule is a little crazy , so please bear with me as it may take a day or two to dig buckles out for pictures :)
    I am glad to be back, and am really looking forward to talking shop :)

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      hi chad

      its a pleasure to have you here, when it comes to youth buckles your the man, hopefuly when you get chance maybe you can show the guys here some of your black dj's , im sure some of the guys here have never seen one,i have never been able to get myself one of these ......yet lol

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      thanks for the warm welcome!!
      I would be happy to!
      I am going through all the threads today, and making a list of all the buckle pics I can add , and will start posting the pics this coming week..
      I will start a new thread on the black DJ for you !

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      Welcome Chad. Great to see somebody with such a great buckle collection and some much knowledge on the subject of HJ buckles here. Please do show your collection. It's most impressive.

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      Ive also seen some of your great buckle collection over on WAf , fantastic


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      just became a full member so I can now post pics :)

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      hi chad

      so glad you decided to become a full member i am already looking forward to seeing your great collection,especially those black dj's,, and its great to know that someone with so much knowledge on HJ buckles is now a full member here

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      I hope to have some time tomorrow after work , to dig out soem buckles and start soem new threads, and post some for the comments I have made on the existing threads..
      I will make sure to start a thread on the blackies for you

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