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Thread: HJ buckle?

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    HJ buckle?

    I saw this buckle the other day on a site. I just wanted to know what you guys though? is it real,or fake?
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    its original
    35 mm
    youth.. Pre HJ buckle ..
    they are fairly common.. The price marked on the buckle is market price.. I usually see these go for 75-90 us$
    there are a ton of design variations on these.. I think I have a bout 20 different eagle designs.. these buckles were being produced before there was any control by the
    over what was being produced..

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    Chad nailed it:
    Jugend.....I think the price is right....that is about what they are going for.....not a rare buckle - but harder to find than your standard
    (which is the larger size buckle).


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