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    M4/42 HJ buckle with blue RZM tag

    Can anyone tell me anything about this buckle? I am not a HJ collector and this is the only HJ item I own. It has a blue RZM tag with maker A4. Most buckles I have looked at on line have red RZM tags and "M" makers. I have owned this for more than 40 years so I think it is original. The quality of construction seems very good.

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    Looks like you haven't had an answer to this one yet. We have a couple of members who are good with these so hopefully they will see the thread.

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    I had not noticed before, but it is also stamped on the back M4/42 just below the swastika.

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    the blue tag officially is for cloth insignia A4. It should not be onto this buckle,
    but there are more buckles having the blue tag positioned!

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    Hi Wim,

    do you mean that the presence of a blue tag is generally a bad sign or that the blue tag was sometimes applied to buckles during the period?

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    Here an anwer is difficult. The blue tag is for me a red flag for a belt buckle, but in my opinion
    it could be possible, when a manufacturer did not have sufficient tags. Correct: officially not!

    In the 1936 RZM manufacturings-regulations on pages 166 and 167 the color for tags are being
    noted for cloth-insignia. Buckles had red tags.

    HJ-img203 - kopie.jpg

    Note: TA means Textil-Abzeichen, which is the same as A4.


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    Yes, perhaps better to just ignore the tag and concentrate on the buckle itself. The tag looks like it's stuck on and of course it is obscuring the maker's mark at the moment.

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    Actually the tag is not obscuring the maker's mark. On the back just at the bottom of the HJ swastika, it is marked M4/42.

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    Ah yes. I see it now. Can you put up a close-up shot of the mark please?

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    These photos are very high resolution but don't know if it will upload that way. I did not notice until ther closeups there is a logo or something in a circle next to the markings. These are really very tiny.

    HJ buckle rzm.jpg HJ buckle rzm2.jpg

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