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    The first one is the one you can buy now.
    3 more pics of the ones that look older:
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    And 3 pics of one that is probably from the 90's, you can see an OLC mark on that one.
    2 pics of another "old" one, which I still think is not pre war. Sorry.
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    Interesting pics for sure! Given that these were made pre-war and post-war....I guess it's almost impossible to tell which is which. That said - patina helps and you can certainly tell that the two piece examples are quite current. I tend to look at construction methods: the belt catch, the ears, the prong tips, prong bar sleeve. There are some buckles that have the same characteristics of pre-war manufactured buckles.
    Thanks for the extra pics!!


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    what catches my eye is the aged one which looks similar to some recent SS fakes

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