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    Please can somebody help with a question on the Hitler Youth cross strap?

    Hi Guys

    Please can somebody tell me the correct width of the HJ cross strap?

    Also did they wear the waist belts lower than the german military who wear theirs at the base of the bottom rib of the rib cage?

    Kind Regards and thanks in advance to all who are kind enough to respond


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    18mm according to the manufacturing instructions (1936) Nick. Does anyone know if that dimension was later changed?

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    sorry.. cant help on this one :(

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    18 mm and 25 mm

    I own four of them and they all came from a family that I personaly knew, who had 2 boys in the HJ. No other party members known in the family, so the four cross straps (Schulterriemen) were probably used only for the HJ uniform. Three of the Schulterriemen are 18 mm but one is 25 mm. I personaly don't like the 24 mm one so well, but that is only my personal opinion. Since all of my beltloops (Gürtelschlaufen) are also 18 mm I prefere the slimmer ones.
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