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    Question about a HJ Belt Buckle RZM 17 Assmann

    Hi there,

    I recently saw this beltbuckle come across, my friend told me it possibly has a very rare marking could someone give me some information about it.
    Thank you in advance.

    Greetings from, Cas
    HJ Buckle.jpgHJ buckle front.jpg

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    Hi there,

    Chad mentioned here that Assmann was a prolific maker who used many different marks on his buckles with this being one of them. There are a few
    17 Assmann buckles on the forum so I'm thinking that your friend may not be totally correct about the rarity.

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    Agreed with Garry, also Assmann did double mark the buckles quiet alot.

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    Nice collectable piece, but a relatively common buckle in my opinion.

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