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    Belts like this where made for many other
    organisations, not just the HJ.
    I think these have also been used before 1933, e.g. in the Reichswehr, the Polizei, the Scouts and several other organisations.
    Belts like these were also used after 1945 e.g. in the Bundeswehr, the firefighters, the red cross and other organisations.
    So if there is no
    stamp anywhere, you can never be sure they are original
    And it is also hardly possible to say whether these are older than 70 years but also younger than 85 years.
    The small size alone is no prove, it makes it just a bit more possible, if you want to belive it.
    People those days were mostly shorter and often thinner than todays population.

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    Oke thanx! I think I will pass then.

    Gr. Tim

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