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    Unkown cross strap - Hitler Youth Reiter-HJ?

    i have a cross strap which is stamped on the leather rzm with what i think is the code L2/1843/38
    it`s the same as this one , but without the belt loop.
    does anyone know what this is for?
    and yez, i know i got to take pictures of my OWN stuff and post here on this forum, though i must have guidance!!!

    cross.jpg cross2.jpg cross3.jpg cross4.jpg

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    Hitler Youth leather changed from brown to black


    Not Reiter-HJ. They had "Y" straps. The "38" in the L2 code means that this strap was made in 1938 so with the colour being brown it can't be Hitler Youth because a regulation dated 6.11.1936 ordered that brown belts and straps in use by HJ members at that time were to be sanded down and then coloured black. DJ leather was already black at this point.

    From 1.1.1937 only black leather was permitted for the HJ and you could possibly come across items that were subject to this modification because they will still be brown on the inside surface (the parts of the leather that would have come into contact with clothing). It is specifically mentioned in the regulation that this inner surface was not to be coloured.

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