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    Unusual Hitler Youth buckle - DJ to HJ conversion

    A VERY UNUSUAL BUCKLE, GILT HJ centre over a DJ buckle comments please. PS this is a verified vet bring back

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    This is a DJ to HJ buckle conversion Paul. We've a few threads on this (just search for: buckle conversion). Here's one:

    Posts #37 and #39 of that thread give the background to the change and reference the order that brought it about. I translated the order in post #41

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    outstanding info many thanks. Is there any thoughts on the gilt overlay on this one ?

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    THIS BUCKLE is now mine a nice catch me thinks with a little help from the data dept here

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    Hello Paul

    In Angolias book "Belt Buckles & Brocades of the Third Reich" are there on page 277,278 and 279 pictures of 4 buckles with gold wash finish - the text says "Probably worn solely by the Marine-HJ, but no regulations have been encountered that would substantiate this". There are also a picture of an
    with tekst "presumed gold HJ buckle" The book is from 2001, så maybee there are new knowledge somewhere aut there among the forum members.

    I think that the Marine-HJ-idea make sence. So if anyone have regulations/papers from the
    one may find something there ?!?!

    On page 270 in the same book are there a foto of exactely the same buckle as yours, same stamping and also former DJ-buckle (bud NOT with gold center).


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    Here is one that was on Winkler's site. It appears to show the method of conversion not completed.
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    Hi Michael,

    Angolia's statement about the gold buckles is not borne out by the clothing regulations. I see no evidence in them that the Marine-HJ ever wore a buckle in a gold colour. It is always shown that they wore the same buckle as the rest of the Hitler Youth. I'm referring here to regulations and period books/pamphlets going from 1933 right through to 1943. See also posts #40 and #41 of this thread where Wim discusses the same matter.

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    Hi Gerry

    My post #5 was only a hint to Paul in what direction he maybee could find something about goldbuckles. I now can see that Wilhelm Saris have examined old regulations/papers in post 40 and 41 in above thread - and found no evidence for goldbuckles, so be it.

    Angolia is also in doubt since he writes: " "Probably worn solely by the Marine-HJ, but no regulations have been encountered that would substantiate this".

    Still much to be examined out there. but this forum brings a lot of knovledge and evidence to the members.

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    Hi Michael,

    I know what you meant :) My comment was more directed towards what the Angolia book says.

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