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    continuation post 40:

    Sonderdruck 7/1938 from Sptember 30, 1938: MOST IMPORTANT
    with the HJ-dress on page 3 it is said: black belt and HJ-buckle (HJ-Koppelschloss).
    Ibid was said for middle-class leaders on page 7.

    Page 10 mentions the introduction for the brocade (Feldbinde):
    leaders wearing shoulder-boards with aluminum ranking-insignia should wear an aluminum brocade with an aluminum (round) buckle;
    leaders wearing shoulder-boards with golden ranking-insignia should wear the golden version brocade with golden/gilded (round) buckle.

    Wih the dress for the Marine-HJ it is said on page 15: black leather belt with HJ-buckle. No indication is given the color should be
    otherwise. This goes also for middle-class leaders: leather belt according rgulation with HJ-Koppelschloss;
    page 17 mentions leaders: they had to wear HJ-Führerlederzeug mit Feldbindenschloss. Here is nothing at all mentioned about a golden
    buckle and so these leaders did wear the regular aluminum (round) buckle. Further it is said: Brocade in aluminum with leaders buckle
    in aluminum.

    Reichsbefehl from April 14, 1939:
    mentions the brocades in aluminum and gold. The backing was brown.
    For the Flieger-HJ the backing was grey-blue and for Marine-HJ in navy-blue. These brocades were not yet available.
    No mention of other colored leaders buckle. For the naval-HJ the buckle had not changed into gold;

    Aufbau und Abzeichen der HJ from April 1940:
    page 56 about Marine-HJ does not mention another color buckle. Nowhere in this booklet an extra note about this was included;

    Reichsbefehl from September 5, 1941:
    Leaders-uniform: leaders leather belt with HJ belt-buckle (HJ-Feldbindenschloss). Leaders were also allowed to wear the
    enlisted ranks belt with regular belt-buckle. Nothing is said about golden buckles;

    Marine-HJ im Dienst from March 1, 1942:
    included is a colored plate. No golden enlisted ranks buckle is in use, not even with the leaders uniform.
    The figure 40 shows a regular aluminum colored brocade with buckle; figure 42 the regular HJ-buckle. Nothing is noted about gold.

    Further: in none of the issues from the Organisationsbuch der
    a golden buckle for the Marine0HJ is included or shown
    with the figured. Why would this book be different?

    My question is: where do the "experts" did find information about a golden HJ enlisted ranks buckle?
    In my opinion one has once suggested Marine-HJ when a (fake) golden buckle showed up. All others simply were parrotting. No more then that

    I checked more information then what I have shown here, but with my best will I cannot find anything about a golden HJ buckle for the Marine-HJ in
    original or official information from 1933 through 1945!
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