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    a very interesting HJ buckle marked RZM EU 106 (H Max Hauf - M4/31)

    Hello gents
    this is an HJ which I was aware of for a few years, but it resided in someone else's collection. The opportunity arose and I purchased it recently. This HJ is by Max Hauf (M4/31) but it is marked
    RZM EU 106 H
    I have other examples which are marked RZM KH31 H( H in a box) so I know this is the same maker although the rzm code number is baffeling to say the least.. I also have a DJ marked RZM UE 106 H with the same manufacturing characteristics..

    it is funny to me how badly some of the manufacturers screwed up their markings
    I will start a thread for screwed up markings in the next day or two.. some others I am aware of are
    1. HJ aluminum with backwards R in RZM
    2. HJ nickel buckles marked RZM 72 should be marked RZM UE 72
    3. Klein & Quenzer marking their buckles M5
    4. HJ and DJ examples marked RZM MA45

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    hi chad, another interesting buckle, have you any idea why these markings where used or what they are ???

    perhaps the makers could see in to the future and saw the eu coming so they thought they would mark the buckles ready

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    thats a very nice buckle chad

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    thanks Ewan
    I love the buckles that have interesting markings...

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    It is really nice looking buckle Chad. I'm looking forward to the thread you mentioned about odd buckle markings.

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    thanks for sharing it Chad, sure it's an unusual buckle to see

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    There are a set of HJ Leaders dagger hangers on tom wittmanns site marked UE 10 RZM,


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