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    Bann 25 Aachen Help


    I am new here and to HJ in general so moderators move this thread if in the wrong area. I have a photo/document grouping to an individual who's paperwork is all from Bann 25/Aachen.

    I have a letter signed by Bannführer Werle, another from Rosswog, another from someone whose signature I cannot make out from 1935 (Der führer des Bannes 25) and finally a letter signed by Baldor von Schirach. I am looking for as much information as possible for these individuals, photos, etc.

    Another document has something to do with the Hindenburgschule.

    Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be a big help!


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    If these HJ leaders were in there early 20s in 1935 , there is a good chance that they served there country in the Wehrmacht in the 1940s .
    So if this is the case then there is a very probible record of there service in the Bundsarchive

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    I've just gone through my books on the Banne/Gebiete but unfortunately nothing on the personalities you mention Fran unless you are interested in earlier leaders. As far as the Bann itself was concerned it was one of the original Banne and was called Bann Aachen until being redesignated as Bann Aachen-Stadt at some point between the 1st of January 1936 and the 1st of August 1937. I don't have an exact date unfortunately. I do know that the state archive in Düsseldorf has a fair amount on Bann Aachen though.

    Is this the Hindenburg Hochschule in Nürnberg at all? I have a couple of things on that.

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    Thanks guys for your responses. I will have to dig a little futher into this over the weekend....

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