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    Bdm "martyr" erika jordan

    Ive been doing a bit of reading on this girl and from what ive got so far is that she was killed by communists on october 28th 1932 aged 17 years and that obergau berlin was named after her, after that the trail runs cold does anybody know anymore they can add ,,

    cheers steve

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    picture from "youth led by youth "
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    You've probably seen this Steve but the following info was posted by 'nisse' over on Axis history:

    "Very little is known about this girl from Berlin, but I might a tiny bit to what you know already.

    According to contemporary National Socialist publications in Berlin Jordan was beaten unconscious by Communists in the district of Wilmersdorf on 26 October and later died in hospital. Although a veritable cult was built around dead SA men and HJ boys, especially Herbert Norkus as Hitlerjunge &"Quex", Erika Jordan quickly disappeared from the official Totenliste of the NSDAP.
    According to Martin Klaus, a Führerinnenschule in the BDM-Obergau Berlin was named after Jordan during the Third Reich".

    On Jordan as the victim of Communist violence see a small note in the entry for Wednesday 26 October in "Sieben Tage hat die ", in the NSDAP-periodical Berliner Front on 5 November 1932.
    Martin Klaus: Mädchenerziehung zur Zeit fascistischer Herrschaft in Deutschland and Der Bund Deutscher Mädel, Vol. I (Frankfurt/Main 1983), p. 225. See also Birgit Jürgens: Zur Geschichte des BDM 1923-1939(Frankfurt/Main 1994), p. 63 and Peter D. Stachura: Nazi Youth in the Weimar Republic (Santa Barbara 1975), p. 195, note 29.

    In 'Du gehörst dem Führer' p17 there is a reference which says that she was on the list of martyrs until 1934.

    It is likely that she was removed because having her as a martyr didn't fit with the male-oriented nature of the NSDAP movement. I'm not sure on the leadership school. I have lists of the BDM Obergau leadership schools for 34 and 37 and there is no school with her name at that level.

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    Thanks garry , i hoped you might be able to add a bit more

    cheers steve

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    No probs Steve. Here's a picture from the Bundesarchiv showing Erika Jordan's name on the list in 1933.


    Erika Jordan:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    In 'Du gehörst dem Führer' p17 there is a reference which says that she was on the list of martyrs until 1934.
    Our new member 'Nordhimmel' uploaded some nice books today and she is shown on this list (pic 3) of "Das junge Reich-Vom Leben und Wollen der neuen deutschen Jugend" from 1934

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    In the "Verordnungsblatt Reichsjugendführung der NSDAP", III/35 from Octobr 3, 1935 on page
    4 staff-leader Lauterbacher published the list with the martyr's, after a new controlling and
    Erika Jordan was no longer included. For what reason was not mentioned!
    Maybe Garry can check if there is a later list that also includes Austrian martyr's as Thomas,
    Ehgartner, Leistentritt or Ebner.

    Admin Edit: the revised list is included in post #1 of the following thread from 2011:

    The Hitler Youth Unsterbliche Gefolgschaft

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    Hello - I thought that these pages from Das Deutsche Mädel, issue 11, 1933 which is devoted to the November 9th martyrs and to others killed during the kampfzeit period might be of interest. There is a page on Erika Jordan and from the same issue a list of fallen HJ members, including Jordan.
    DDM - ISSUE 11 (YEAR 1, 1933) - ERIKA JORDAN.jpg
    DDM, ISSUE 11 (YEAR 1, 1933) - Inside front cover - HJ martyrs.jpg
    DDM - ISSUE 11 (YEAR 1, 1933) - COVER.jpg

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