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    Execution of HJ at Reichssportfeld?


    I was watching the documentary Hitler's Children on Youtube and one of the commentators spoke of the public execution of six soldiers (three of them Hitler Youth) at the Reichssportfeld in 1945. Does anyone know anything about this incident?

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    He says (at 2:40 of this clip) that there were 6 soldiers and that three of them were the same age as the boys watching. It doesn't make the execution any less horrific of course but he doesn't say that they were HJ members. I haven't read anything about this execution but the guy speaking there was present so you have to assume that it happened.

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    i have seen a video of 2 HJ being executed with other Nazis convicted at the NT, i cant write publicly where i watched it as some would sure take offence , the were shot by G.I's

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