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    Graduating from DJ or HJ

    Thought of question-How long would it take for one to either move from the DJ to the HJ (upon turning 14) or move from the HJ to the
    , etc (upon turning 18) For example, using today's date (May 10) if a boy turned 18 on May 10, 1937 would he be "graduated" out of the HJ automatically (no longer attending HJ functions) or would he possibly still been a member for a few weeks or months until he started elsewhere? Just curious how fast that transition took place.


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    I am not sure about this as I dont have my reference book in front of me , but I think a boy would serve 6 months in the
    at the age of 17 then after that he would wait until he was called up for the Whermacht .
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    Hi Rob,

    Taking the regulations from 1941 as the source here is DJ to HJ at 14:

    The transition ceremony from DJ to HJ (and
    to BDM) took place on Hitler's birthday (in that year it was Sunday, the 20th of April). The requirements for the DJ and
    were that the child had to have completed his/her 8th year of school and have been born between 1.7.1926 and 30.6.1927. Exceptions to this could be made in individual cases.

    Lots of preparatory work was required prior to the ceremony on Hitler's birthday and the timetable was as follows:

    (by) 15.2: Gebiet staff distributes lists to the Banne showing the required future strength of the specialist units (Flieger-HJ etc).

    20.2: The Fähnlein, Gefolgschaften,
    and BDM Gruppen pass applications from those wishing to join the specialist units to Bann staff.

    20.2 to 5.3: Conference at Bann level allocates children to the various specialist units to meet the quotas set by the Gebiet staff. The final lists are promulgated to Fähnleinführer and

    9.3 to 23.3: Parade held at Fähnlein-level. The boys' future units are entered into the transfer certificates. The girls' units are entered into their certificates and these are all then sent to the Bann staff. Once processed, the certificates are given back to the boys and girls.

    20.4: The ceremony 'Verpflichtung der Jugend' is held under local arrangements.

    23.4: The boys and girls report to their units for duty and also hand in the transfer certificates.

    10.5: All units report their respective strengths to Bann and Untergau.

    by 20.5: Bann and Untergau pass unit strengths up to Gebiet and Obergau staff

    By 31.5: Final report is sent up the

    There is stacks more on this in the regulation I'm quoting from here so if there's anything else you need to know just give me a shout Rob.

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    I knew 20 April was the big induction day, but didn't know all the parts of it. So to understand correctly, if one would have their 14th birthday say in Oct, they would remain in the DJ until the following April, thus being 14 1/2 before moving to the HJ? Would you know if Joecool's answer is correct on the HJ service with the
    , or how "graduating" out of the HJ worked?

    Thank you both very much on your answers here.


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    That's right Rob. Certainly after 1939 and the introduction of the 'Jugenddienstpflicht' (compulsory membership in the Hitler Youth) the transition out of the HJ for 18 year-olds took place en masse on the 30th of September each year. This is re-stated in a decree issued by the
    on 20.10.1940. The only ones who didn't leave were of course those who were kept on as full-time leaders. The reason for ensuring that boys were leaving the HJ in organised blocks was that it was easier to administer them for onward allocation into the armed forces,

    service was compulsory from 1935 (Reichsarbeitsdienstgesetz) for men between the ages of 18 and 24 (in Feb 1942 the age went down to 17) but it was possible to volunteer for service before reaching 18. The Reichsarbeitsdienstgesetz states that muster should take place usually at some point between the 18th and 19th birthday. Just been checking some online resources and the
    muster appears to have taken place at set times in the year. I don't know much about the
    though but Joe will be able to help more here I'm sure.

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    Great, thanks again for the answers. You guys are the best!

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    No probs Rob :)

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