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    Gypsy children excluded from the Hitler Youth

    In May 1942, the "Jugendführer des Deustchen Reichs" ordered that gypsy children were no longer to be used for the Jugenddienstpflicht.

    "Youth service ["Jugenddienstpflicht"] of gypsy children.

    ... gypsy and gypsy hybrids[?] are not used for youth service.

    Excluded are gypsy hybrids with predominantly German blood, with parents identified as socially adapted by the Reichskriminalpolizeiamt Berlin C 2, Werderscher Markt 5/6.

    Regarding "Jugenddienstpflichtiger" that are not known as gypsy or gypsy hybrids, but according to their look, immoral and habits should be regarded as such, the competent judicial police headquarters has to be asked for information."

    [I'm not sure if "hybrids" is the correct translation of "Mischlinge"]

    Document from: DigAM digitales archiv marburg

    The words "Zigeuner" and "Gipsy/Gypsy" might not be political correct.

    "Zigeuner" was a common word used in Germany for different travelling people, such as Romani/Roma and Sinti.


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    In the old Forum, someone commented on this dark boy. Maybe he was a "Zigeuner"?

    (Students at one of the Reichs-Finanz- Schulen 1941-1942)

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    The boy in Question looks to be of Middle Eastern desent .
    Or mabye he just has a suntan .

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    mischlinge was often used to define those with some jew relative in the family. I would translate it as "mixed" in my language,but I am not sure for english :)
    Interesting document

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    'Part-Jews' were not excluded from the ranks of the HJ so that could be another possibility for this boy. It was possible for mixed-race Jewish children to be admitted into the ranks of the HJ (but not into the Stamm-HJ).

    Regulations from 1940 and 1941 describe the situation regarding Jews in the HJ and according to those regulations this boy (if he is indeed part-Jewish) could be 'mixed-race grade 2' Jewish (1/4 Jewish) or indeed 'mixed-race grade 1' Jewish (1/2 Jewish) because the law to remove 1/2 Jewish members from the HJ was was introduced around the time the photo was taken. Grade 2 Jewish children were permitted after this point but were excluded from the Stamm-HJ.

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    there's a very interesting book I have here on the subject. It's entitled "Hitler's jewish soldiers". I think they made a documentary as well on history channel

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    Yes, the law which removed 1/2 Jewish children from the HJ also removed 1/2 Jewish men from the Wehrmacht. It looks like it was a balancing act. Keep all of those we possibly can for the war effort and only get rid of those we really have to...

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    As is par here top notch information.

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    I dunno why Cemifor is pointing out the dark boy in that pic. It seems to be a common misconception that the Nazi regime was strictly white only. There were Indians, asians, Serbians in the German military. Such cases are well documented.
    Sure, they were terribly prejudiced against many groups such as Jews, homosexuals, communists, so called degenerate artists etc etc, but they were not a white only organisation.

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    True Pat. They conscripted all sorts of folks, they had to due to the scale of the war they were trying to wage. Germany did not have nearly enough men.

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