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    Hans-Mallon Memorial

    I found this description of the 'Hans-Mallon Ehrenmal' which I thought I'd translate as the building is shown in the film 'Der Marsch zum Führer'.

    The Hitler Youth Hans Mallon mausoleum near Bergen on the island of Rügen which was inaugurated in 1937 and demolished in 1945 is largely unknown today. It was built between 1935 and 1937 in honour of Hitler Youth member Hans Mallon who was murdered by communists. The sponsor was the Volksbund deutscher Kriegsgräberfürsorge (german war graves commission) under the direction of the architect Robert Tischler. The impressive monument integrated a pre-existing but much smaller war monument into its design and was a representation of a germanic longhouse from the bronze age. The thatched roof construction of solid beech rested on granite blocks. The entrance was a bronze door with swastika. Mallon's body was interred inside and an annual march was held to mark his death. The area to the front of the building contained four large columns each of which supported a ceremonial bowl. Above the entrance there was an inscription from Edda: 'Ewig ist der Toten Tatenruhm' (the deeds of the dead live on for eternity'.

    The house acted as a central meeting point for the Hitler Youth in Pommern prior to embarking on the annual 'Adolf Hitler March' to Nürnberg and one such ceremony is shown in the in the film 'Der Marsch zum Führer'.

    A 'Thingplatz' was also contructed in close proximity to the house and this still exists today. The space is currently an open-air theatre (Rugard-Bühne)

    In 1945 all of the flags from the Hitler Youth formations in the east of Germany were brought to the house for storage. It was intended that they should be returned to their original locations once the territories lost to Russia had been recaptured. However, with the russian forces approaching the house was subsequently demolished to avoid its desecration. Another source gives the following description of events:

    'In 1945 the Hans-Mallon house served as the final location for the flags of the HJ from eastern Germany. To prevent their desecration at the hands of the russians a HJ officer set light to the thatched roof just as the soviets were approaching.'

    The remains of the mausoleum were excavated in 2008 and the matter of whether to erect a memorial for future generations was discussed but the plan was rejected by the cultural committee.

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    Source: "vergessene Orte"

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    Thanks Garry , This is one of the places that I would like to visit someday when I take a vacation in Germany .

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    I'm not sure what you can still find there from the old glory of the truely impressive building. Where the cellar was, the stage is today. The building was burned down 68 years ago and surely covered by trees nowadays. It is an amazing landscape on Rügen indeed - I recommend the village of Vitt right at the tip of Rügen, called "Cap Arkona". This is some cosy place indeed. Nothing HJ related, just a nice place.


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