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    HJ-Bannführer Dr. Pastorff, Bezirksführer der Landdienst in Oberschlesien

    Guys, anyone knows the first name of HJ-Bannführer Dr. Pastorf, Bezirksführer der Landdienst in Oberschlesien? Thanks in advance.

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    Hans Pastorff wrote an article about the Landjahrlager in Ostoberschlesien that was published in Landjahrschulungsbriefe 5 (1940/41). That's probably your man.

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    Thank You, Gary, that's my man.

    Also I have Lindner as Bezirksführer der Landdienst in Wartheland in 1940 - but no first name, no rank.

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    This is possibly a woman. Ursula Lindner was one of the Landjahrbezirksführerinnen within Wartheland in the year that you mentioned (source: Women and the Nazi East: Agents and Witnesses of Germanization, Elizabeth Harvey, p331 footnotes)

    She was still in that post in 1943 (source: Litzmannstädter Zeitung 25.9.1943)

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    Even so? Thanks. I also have one more for now: Walter Höfft, Bezirksführer der Landdienst in Niedersachsen in 1942. I'm eager to find his last rank.

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    Unfortunately I can't find anything on Höfft.

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    Walter Höfft was author of the book "Wir erleben das Landjahr : ein Bildbericht von dem Landjahrleben" (We experience the Landjahr: A photo report of the Landjahr life)
    Published in 5 editions: 1938-1942.

    landjahr01.jpg . landjahr02.jpg

    Photos from od43

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    Quote Originally Posted by Transpspeer View Post
    I'm eager to find his last rank.
    Landjahr leaders at this level were actually local government officials but an agreement between the agriculture minister and the
    meant that they were eligible to wear HJ/BDM uniform and hold a rank appropriate to their level of responsibility for the smooth running of the Landjahr programme.

    Personnel in these posts wore Standard HJ/BDM officer uniform and their ranks were only valid for the duration of service with the Landjahr programme unless they were taken on full-time within the Hitler Youth after ending their Landjahr service.

    Landjahrbezirksführer and Landjahrbezirksführerinnen worked for the Gebiet staff (Soziales Amt) in a consultative capacity and were not under their administrative control.

    Regulations show the ranks as follows:


    A Landjahrbezirksführer in his first year of service held the rank of L-Stammführer. In his second year of service he held the rank of L-Bannführer.


    A Landjahrbezirksführerin in her first year of service held the rank of L-Mädelringführerin. In her second year of service she held the rank of L-Untergauführerin.

    No further promotions appear to have been possible for Landjahrbezirksführer and Landjahrbezirksführerinnen.

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    In a survey from 1937 Höfft is noted to be a Landjahrbezirksführer for the
    Dienstbezirk (Regierungsbezirk: Hildesheim, Hannover and Land Braunschweig).
    The kids send came from Aachen, Koblenz, Saar, Köln, Aurich and Stade).
    In 1938 they came from Saarland, Koblenz and Aachen. It changed through the
    And so he was a Landjahrbezirksführer in 1938 and 1939. In the surveys from
    1940 and 1941 no names were included. In the list from 1942 his name was not
    included anymore.

    Pastorff: he was commissioned as Landjahrbezirksführer in 1938. In 1939 he
    was fully responsible.
    His first name was not mentioned. In 1940 and 1941 no names were
    included with the districts and in 1942 he no longer was included at all!
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