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    Info about Niederdonau Österreich seeked

    Hello friends,
    this time i do not seek anything about Mannheim,:-) No I have another question:
    Last weekend we had a friend over from Austria, he also collects mostly pre 1918 but also HJ. Now he asked me if I would know some Info about his hometown area since he would like to put a HJ shirt together with his homnetown Bann and numbers. Here I could not help much and would like to ask you for assistance.
    he lives in the town of Reidling (zip 3454), the next bigger town is Krems. I found out that used to be Gebiet Niederdonau.
    If I cant find anything from there we are looking for the numbers of his Grandpa wich was from the town of Köstendorf/Henndorf in the vicinity of Salzburg.
    Any help is very much appreciated.
    Best regards

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    Hi Dirk,

    Reidling was within the boundaries of Bann 510 Tulln (triangle: Südost Niederdonau).
    Köstendorf/Henndorf came within the boundaries of Bann 583 Salzburg Land (triangle: Südost/Salzburg)

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