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Thread: Irregular HJ

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    That tusslamabad bloke sells good pics.

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    very nice photos showed here guys.

    regards ewan

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    Here's another one. I like these big group shots as you can see lots of different items in one place at a particular time. The photo is dated 1940 but check out the uniform configurations on some of these boys. Also interesting are the different types of winter cap.

    1940-2.gif 1940-4.gif 1940.gif 1940-3.gif

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    Great photo Garry. It's dated 1940 but clearly shows the pre 1938 pattern shoulder straps in wear, even on the winterbluse.

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    From the group photo , I can make out the following :
    There are 3 confirmed flieger HJ and 1 confirmed Marine HJ . There is also 1 Junge wearing the Bann flag bearer insignia on his upper right sleeve.
    There are 15 HJ wearing the pre 37 visor cap *, most of the dark blue skimutze seem to be regulation , however : there are also a few civilian type skimütze being worn . Interestingly only 1 HJ is wearing the standard HJ overseas cap .
    The 3 mid level HJ leaders are also wearing post 1938 HJ mid level leader visors .

    *The 15 HJ wearing the pre 37 enlisted ranks visor caps in 1940....................I just wonder , it seems that they have been allowed to wear this form of headgear as kinda a look of being part of the 'Old Guard or they were members prior to 1938' They, having been issued these caps at there time of enlistment into the Hitlerjugend ??? Just my opinion ...

    Anyone have a better opinion ??????
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    There are 106 people in the photo .

    1 political leader and 105 HJ .

    66 HJ wear the dark blue/black winter blouse .
    30 wear the tan/brown shirts .
    3 wear fleiger HJ blue/gray blouses .
    1 is wearing Marine HJ Km blouse with bib.
    4 wear the dinem or wool HJ short waist/2 pleated pocket blouses .
    1 wears the HJ 4 pkt. leader blouse.

    Very nice study of mixed uniform garb in 1940 .

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    The guy dead center looks like he's wearing a Heer uniform or something.

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    I looked closer at the guy in the center , now I`m thinking instead of Political leader ; he might be luftwaffe .

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    Here he is again guys:


    This was in an album I used to own. The boy was Nachrichten-HJ and is ringed on the left side of the photo showing the whole group. I wish I'd noted more than just the date as it would be useful to know what course these guys were on.

    Edit: I found a pic I took of the album page containing that photo. Translates to 'Training group 1 1940'.


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    Upon further research :confused:, I will concure that the Political/luft individual is indeed a a Political Leader with first pattern collar tabs .

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