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    Jugendherbergschiff "Hein Godenwind"

    Jugendherbergschiff "Hein Godenwind"


    3 masted sailing ship (Tall Ship). Size: 2.270 GRT (Gross register tonnage). Displacement: 4.600 metric ton. Length: 86,7 meters.

    The original name of the ship was Maréschal Suchet, built in France 1902.

    1902 November
    Completed and delivered to Cie. de Navigation Française, Nantes, France.

    Sold to Societé des Voilers Nantais, Nantes, France.

    1910 February 18
    Stranded on the Shingle Bank in a gale while under tow from Falmouth to London. She was badly damaged but was refloated on February 22 and was subsequently repaired.

    Sold to Societé des Voilers Français, Le Havre, France.

    Laid up in the River Gironde.

    Sold to A/S Freedom (E. Friis-Hansen, mgr), Oslo, Norway, and was renamed Faith.

    1924 July
    Sold to F. Laeisz, Hamburg, for £ 3100 and was renamed the Pellworm.

    Sold to Syndikatsreederei, Hamburg, and used in the harbour of Hamburg as an accomodation ship for strike-breakers.

    Sold to Reichsverband Deutscher Jugendherbergen, Hamburg, and was rebuilt at Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, to a floating youth hostel, and was renamed Hein Godenwind.

    1934 8 April
    The youth leader of the German Empire, Baldur von Schirach, took possession of "Hain Godenwind"
    as the largest floating Youth Hostel in the World and gave the command, to hoist the flag of the German Youth.

    6 November Beischiff[??] for the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper in Hamburg.

    14 February office ship for the ship building supervision office of Blohm & Voss, 8 Warship-teaching department [8. Kriegsschiffbau-Lehrabteilung].

    1943 July 25
    Sank at her moorings after an air-raid. The wreck was subsequently raised and used for target practice.

    1944 9 February
    Sunk as target for the Luftwaffe in the Curonian Lagoon [Kurischen Haff].


    Hein Godenwind was named after the novel of Gorsch Foch “Godenwind de Admirol von Moskitonien“. Published 1911. Written in the dialekt of Hamburg.

    Hein = North German short for Heinrich

    Godenwind = Low German for Guten Wind? (Good wind)

    Gorch Fock was the pseudonym of the German author Johann Wilhelm Kinau (22 August 1880 – 31 May 1916). Other pseudonyms he used were Jakob Holst and Giorgio Focco.


    DJH - Reichsherbergsverzeichnis 1938

    Nordmark - Hamburg

    „Schwimmende Gross-Jugendherberg "Hein Godenwind", Baumwall-Ueberseebrücke, zu erreichen von Hauptbahnhof mit Strassenbahnlinie 26 oder Hochbahn bis Baumwall. Bahnhof 30 Minuten. Jugendherberg für Bootsfahrer günstig gelegend. 4 Schlafräume 45 heizbar, 26 Betten mit Decken, dav. 300 für Daueraufenhalt, 25 Hängematten als Notlager mit Decken, 3 Tagesräume heizbar, Brausebad, Verpflegung, Herbergsleiter Hs. Andresen, Fernsprecher 366907. Anmeldung an Jugendherberg.”

    Floating Large Hostel "Hein Godenwind", Baumwall Over-sea bridge, to be reached from the Central Station by tram line 26 or by Hochbahn to Baumwass. Station 30 minutes. Youth Hostel for boaters situated favorable. 4 bedrooms 45 heated and 26 beds with blankets, 300 for long time stay, 25 hammocks as an emergency with blankets, 3 heated dayrooms, shower bath, Meals, hostel manager Hs. Andresen, telephone 366.907. Sign in at youth hostel. "


    Hamburg Memorial plaque on Hein Godenwind:


    "Hein Godenwind"
    this ship is called -
    in the Nazi Revolution
    given to the German youth
    by the Hamburg Port Authority Association
    as a sign of trust in the new state
    and evidence of internal reconciliation of our people.
    Her transformation is due to the energy
    of the lord mayor Krogmann,
    and understanding of vision
    of a High Hamburg Senate
    and the selfless help of many citizens
    of this old Hanseatic city.

    The ship was built in 1902 in St. Nazaire.
    Experiencing many adventures, it sailed all the oceans of the world
    as "Maréchal Suchet" under the tricolor,
    as "Faith" services in Norway,
    as "Pellworm" under the German flag.
    On 18 May 1925 the Flag was down.
    As the old system shattered, it was
    as strikebrechers ship in the port of Hamburg.
    The Blohm & Voss shipyard converted it
    on behalf of the Gau Nordmark
    in the National Association for German Youth Hostels.
    On 8 April 1934
    the youth leader of the German Empire
    Baldur von Schirach
    took possession of "Hain Godenwind"
    as the largest floating
    Hostels in the World
    and gave the command,
    to hoist the flag of the German Youth.


    HJ Gebietsaufmarsch Nordmark - 150 000 HJ in Hamburg - Einweihung der Jugendherberge Hein Godewind' 08.04.1934

    HJ Field deployment Nordmark - 150 000 HJ Hamburg - Inauguration of Youth Hein Godewind '04/08/1934

    The Gebietsaufmarsch was held in the Stadtpark in Hamburg.






    'Hein Godenwind' tinnie

    new one

    Hamburg 1934 - DJH - In Colour

    3 new tinnies


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    "Hein Godenwind" ...





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    The second "Hein Godenwind" was a passenger ship that was built in 1959 on the Sietas shipyard in Hamburg-Neuenfelde and in 1960 for the Hamburg-based company HADAG.

    German wikipedia: Hein Godenwind


    Photo: (C) Stena Line

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    DJH "Hein Godenwind" was anchored at the Überseebrücke in the port of Hamburg.


    On this photo you also see the KDF (Kraft durch Freude) passenger ship Wilhelm Gustloff. It sank after being torpedoed by the Soviet submarine S-13 on 30 January 1945.

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    This thread Jugendherbergschiff "Hein Godenwind" is moved from Articles.


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    Unused postcard from stamp exhibition 1938

    Unused postcard from a stamp exhibiton in Hamburg 16 October 1938 "Jugend stellt aus" in "Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte".

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    Photos of Hein Godenwind

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    A group of HJ alongside "Hein Godenwind"

    A group of HJ alongside "Hein Godenwind"

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