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    Menus on the Hitler Youth summer camps Sommerlager

    Do anyone have any first hand knowledge of the menus served to the HJ and BDM? Did the youth do the cooking or was it provided by the staff?

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    It depended on the size of the camp. At large camps like the Hochland Lager for example there was centralised large-scale catering. On smaller camps the boys would cook together. I have a camp cookbook issued by Gebiet 13 which gives daily menus for a small two-week camp and the fare is quite basic but healthy. Give me a shout if you need more detail on the menus.

    IMG_0087.jpg IMG_0088.jpg

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    I read some where that Rienhard Hrydrich's resipe for blueberry muffins was very popular.(no kidding). I have got rhe resipe around here somewhere.Mike

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    Thanks Gary,

    If you could share one or two menus, I think it would be very interesting. In particular, I would like to find out how the youths learned to cook.

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    Me too! As am in the catering trade that would be really interesting!


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    In the little book I mentioned there is a comment that it was often the case that most boys were unable to cook anything more than a simple soup so the book aimed to give precise instructions on how to cook healthy meals. It also includes instructions on building field cooking areas.

    Breakfast was always bread, jam and a hot drink - either tea, malt coffee or cocoa.
    Day 4 in the book gives a typical menu for lunch and dinner so I'll use that as an example. Here's a full translation:

    Breakfast: cocoa, bread and jam.

    Lunch: potato soup with mince.
    For 25 boys the following quantities are required:
    20 litres of water
    8 leeks
    4 celery roots
    16 kg of potatoes
    500g of fat or bacon (german 'Speck' consists mostly of fat)
    5 onions
    1 kg of mince
    approximately 50g of salt

    Slice onions and bacon into cubes and fry lightly- Add the water, the peeled and cubed potatoes and the finely chopped leeks and boil for 45 minutes. Then add the mince and allow to cook for a further 10 minutes until mince is cooked.

    Dinner: sliced meat sandwiches, grated horse radish, tea.
    For 25 boys the following are required: 8 loaves of bread, 2.5 kg of blood sausage oder liver sausage, 10 horse radishes.
    For the tea: 6.25 litres of water and 6.25 tablespoons of tea.

    It's very noticeable how little meat was used for the recipes in the book when you compare todays portions to back then. I cooked myself a bolognese yesterday and used 250g of mince which gave me a little under two normal portions of bolognese. Compare that to day 6 in the camping cookbook where the main meal of the day of cabbage, pototoes and mince for 25 boys included only 1.25 kg of mince.

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    Excellent information! Thanks ever so much.

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    Great info Garry! That menu looks fine, I might put it on my menu at work ;)

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    Thanks for posting garry

    Its good to see what these kids lived on , this sort of menu would not go amiss in todays world, sort of reminds me of my school dinners

    mind you i couldnt hack the tea, that is weak

    Nick where do you work i will have to avoid you if thats going on the menu:laugh:


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    Ha! Ha!:laugh: It would have be part of a 1940s themed evening !


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