Hitler-Jugend were present at the party conventions (Reichsparteitage). From 1933 held in Nürnberg.

Since 1933, each party convention had its own name which referred to specific events:

30. August – 3. September 1933: ”Reichsparteitag des Sieges“ (Kongreß des Sieges) (Party convention of victory). The name refers to the seizure of power and victory over the Weimar Republic.

5.–10. September 1934: The party initially had no motto. Later it was called "Reichsparteitag der Einheit und Stärke“ (Party convention of unity and strenght), „Reichsparteitag der Macht“ (Party convention of Power) or, „Triumph des Willens“ (Triumph of the Will) named after Leni Riefenstahls movie „Triumph des Willens”.

10.–16. September 1935: „Reichsparteitag der Freiheit“ (Party convention of freedom). Named after reintroducing of conscription and the 'liberation' of the Treaty of Versailles.

8.–14. September 1936: „Reichsparteitag der Ehre“ (Party convention of honour). In the eyes of the Nazi leadership the German honour was was restored by The Rhineland occupation.

6.–13. September 1937: „Reichsparteitag der Arbeit“ (Party convention of labour). Named after reduction in unemployment since the takeover of power.

5.–12. September 1938: Reichsparteitag Großdeutschland (Party convention of Greater Germany). Named after the annexation of Austria by Germany.

Planned 2.–11. September 1939: „Reichsparteitag des Friedens“ (Party convention of peace). This should document Germany’s peacefull intention to the German people and foreign countries. The convention was canceled without notice for any reason at the end of August. On 1 September the Second World War started with the invasion of Poland.