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    The ship Herbert Norkus

    Named after the Hitler Youth martyr Herbert Norkus, another ship of the Gorch Fock design with the same dimensions as the Horst Wessel was begun at the Blohm & Voss shipyard. However,the unfinished ship had to be launched prematurely on November 7, 1939 because the slipway had to be cleared to build submarines. The hull stayed in the harbor of Hamburg throughout World War II. It was damaged in a bomb raid in 1945, and instead of being sold to Brazil as had been considered ended up being filled with gas grenades and sunk in the Skagerrak in 1947.

    The yards, which had been prepared, but not yet mounted, and the tackle, which had not yet been rigged, were later used for the Gorch Fock built in 1958.

    First photo: "Horst Wessel"

    Second photo: "Gorch Foch"

    Source: Wikipedia



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    Very interseting information Henrik. This is the first I've heard of this ship. I have a keen interest in Nokus related HJ. Thanks for posting this.

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    Ship Herbert Norkus

    The Norkus stayed in the harbor where she was being bult she stayed there until she was destroyed by the Germans(nothing but a hull) On the other hand the Geoge Fock was schuttled by her German crew to keep it from falling into Russian hands May 1 1945.In 1947 the Russians ordered her raised and she was used as a training vessel for the Russian navy she was renamed the Tovarisch.In 1991 the ship was taken over by the Ukraine then after they desided that it would be to expensive to repair and operate she was sent to UK,in 1999 the UK sent the Tovarisch back to Germany so she could be restored,a few years later she was rechristend the Georg Fock and is still in operation today

    The Horst Wessel had a better time of it ,she was sailed to the U.S after the war and was refitted to become the USCG Eagle.The training vessel for our cost guard.I have been aboard while at dock in Boston very cool!

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