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    STRENGTH THROUGH DESIGN: Packaging the Third Reich

    I am a member of the Hitler Youth forum, though I haven't posted or visited that often, but I would like to say hello and also post a link to my book project, Strength Through Design- packaging the Third Reich, on Kickstarter. This, if published, will be a serious, 300 plus page book looking at the printed output of the Third Reich. The project has been approved by Kickstarter and I went live about ten days ago and then realised what a difficult task I had set myself so am now trying to get word out to people who might, hopefully, be interested in supporting a project like this.

    For your information there are two key Hitler Youth related chapters planned for the book, Chapter Six - The Aryan Child: Bred for a New Tomorrow and Chapter Seven - The Aryan Teenager: Rebels with a Cause. These chapters will include, amongst many items, reproductions of Deutsche Jugendburg, Hilf Mit!, Das Deutsche mädel, Die HJ, Pimpf, and so on and well as many other HJ related material.

    Please take a look here at a video of the proposed book.

    Please forward this link to anyone you know who might be interested in pledging their support and contributing to getting this book published.

    Many thanks,
    Nigel Wingrove

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    Hi Nigel,
    Greetings from Germany,
    an interesting but difficult task!
    Best wishes
    Christian Lohmann

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    Nigel got in touch prior to posting this thread to ask whether it would be okay to publicise the book so thanks again for that Nigel. Yes, a very interesting project and I wish you great success

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    Hi, what is the £30`000 part all about? Not quite sure i understand this really...

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    The way I read it he is looking for financial backing. Once he has the money he'll do the book. Free copies for all those who give money I assume?

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    Oh OK, i didnt know it worked like that, or even that there was such a possibility to do it this way. But how does it work? If i pledge 100.- do i have to pay it now? and what if the 30,000 amount does not get realized, do i get the 100.- back? Sounds kind of complicated to me.

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    Strength Through Design: Packaging the Third Reich, would, if published, be a 300 plus page art book, with a detailed look at how the designs, imagery and publications produced the Third Reich, and in the period leading up to 1933, influenced both the regime and the German peoples attitudes to it. The book would be full colour throughout and printed on quality paper and be published in both hardback and softback versions totalling 5000 units in total. I have had two books published before and spoke to the publishers on costs, indeed they would oversee the production of the book if I am successful in raising the budget, either through kickstarter or another source, and £30,000 covered all the print costs, scanning cost and so on, though not, i can assure you, in any excssive way as these large format art books are not cheap to produce unfortunately.

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    Nigel, thank-you. I am still somewhat confused though, maybe the whole kickstarter thing is throwing me off. So in essence you would like to make a book (or another book) and you need 30 large to cover the printing costs

    So you are asking for financial support, to the tune of 30 large. People can support your idea by contributing to the 30-large fund, as the web page shows you can donate £1,5,10,15,25,50,75,150,275.. between February 16th and March 18th.

    If you reach the 30 large by 18th March the book will be printed.

    Thats how i see it at least. But what about the actual money? if i was to "pledge" or support this project, would i have to pay now? what do i get for my contribution? Obviously you can give free books away to people who pledge £1.-

    Cheers, Jo

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    Re Kickstarter, you pay nothing now, just a pledge if you are interested and wish to support a project. If at the end of the project's run it has reached its target amount then Kinckstarter collects the money from the people who have pledged (usually via a credit card / Visa payment). The money is then paid over to the successful project and the 'rewards' honoured in the way described, in my case that would be sending out the printed book next March, 2014.

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    Well good luck I wonder how many pledges i would have gotten if i started this for the book i released last year? i think i know.... Z E R O !!

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