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    Is there a list of Hitler Youth member?

    Several years ago I picked up an HJ grouping consisting of knife, canteen, breadbag, belt/buckle, armband and some small items like a stickpin and 5 reichsmark note. The breadbag has a name tag sewn in. I googled the the name and came up with a gentleman in Germany who was some type of agricultural rep and judging by the photos could be the correct age. Was wondering if there was any "master list" of all members?
    Thx Cory

    PS will post photos as soon as my camera cooperates.

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    Try every german youth from 1938 onwards from 10 to 18 years old for boys and 10 to 22 years old for girls .

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    Yeah, I knew it was a shot in the dark,,, oh well, thx anyway, Cory
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    Nice catch Cory.



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    When the second youth law was invoked in 1939 the Hitler Youth movement had attracted 97% of Germany's youth. Von Schirach was always proud of this because he saw it as justification for the stance he took in 1936 in not forcing compulsory membership (which he could have done in accordance with the first youth law). He wanted young people to join because they wanted to and not because they had to. The war forced his hand in the end though.

    Source: Ein Jugendführer in Deutschland - Kaufmann 1993 (the author was a close friend of von Schirach and worked on the

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panther View Post
    Nice catch Cory.


    Thank You Sir,,,

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