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    Marine HJ photo test.

    Ok , this ones for the uniform collectors to pick apart.

    Photo was taken from an auction on the internet.

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this photo .
    If you are an educated collector/historian , you will notice it within 10 seconds .

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    Hi Joe,

    Sharp (non-regulation) corners on the collar?

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    Garry , you got it mate !
    I believe that this photo was taken post 1941, the boy is wearing a regulation Kreigsmarine pullover with a regulation KM collar.
    Im thinking that possiably the MHJ relaxed on uniform regulations during the war for economic reasons .

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    I couldn't see anything odd when I first looked at the photo but after a few minutes I remembered a thread where we discussed the collars. Wim should get the cup really as he was the one who pulled the information from the RZM regs :)

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    I becomed crazy looking at the pic and did not noticed the collar points. I did learned an important lesson today!

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    .... here we go again ....

    I must admit I wouldn't have spotted anything wrong on this photo - simply because of the fact that on about 300 MHJ portraits and well detailed snapshots PLUS 6 MHJ photoalbums I have, not a single photo with round corners can be seen. On about 50 of them you can see sharp corners - all the others no corners at all can be seen.

    It was only when the regulation was shown and a collar Weitze sold a few years ago, when I realised that the "round-corner-legend" is true indeed.



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    The angular collar was shown in "Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der HJ" from January 1934 with a photograph
    of Marine-HJ clothings, page 20. One photograph shows the uniform, seen from the back. Here one can
    see the corners are not round!
    In the RZM "Herstellungsvorschriften" from 1936, page 208 (first addendum) clearly the round-corner collar
    was shown.

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    Nice rounded MHJ Hemdenkragen :
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    Great to see this navy collar again, Lauri. I thought you have once showed it,
    isn't? Showing it more then once is not problem, as we all must be remembered
    and "stock" it in our minds!

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    you own it Lauri?

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