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    A postcard with an interesting badge.
    Anyone have information about this qualification ?



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    I was wondering the same thing when I saw this photo. There's a very small section in Angolia's HJ V2 about HJ pioneers, but it does not contain much information at all and only a photo of the patch.

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    Anoter picture of the badge in wear.
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    Excellent photo Lauri. If anyone here knows more about this patch or the HJ Pioneers please share the information here. I've never seen one of these for sale or in a collection, they must be very scarce.

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    It's mentioned in "Ausrüstung der HJ" from January 15, 1934 on page 97.
    Garry filed this book here.
    It was also shown in "Uniformen der HJ", the issues from 1933 and 1934, page 2.
    Further it was also included in the "Verordnungsblatt der
    -HJ" from September
    18, 1933.

    It is noted to be an oval black patch with crossed spade (Spaten- left) and
    axe (Kreuzhacke- right) with a height of 6.0 cm and wide 4.0 cm. All parts
    of the white silk embroidery were detailed mentions in size.

    In my handbook page 350 I showed a photograph and mentioned the patch
    disappared in late 1934 while these units silently were incorporated within
    the general HJ. July 31, 1937 the remaining pioneer units were incorporated
    within the nachrichten-HJ (Vbl.
    from July 31, 1937, page 197)

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    The photograph which Lauri showed with post 1 was already being shown
    upon the cover for the German "Militaria"-magazine in 1991
    (now 20 years ago). The issue had no date while the magazine in 1990
    and 1991 was released irregular.
    Further it was shown in the German magazine "Internationales Militaria-
    Magazin" from April/May 2007, page 22.

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    It looks like this boy is wearing a hand embroidered sigrune also .

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    Thanks all for your comments. The second photo appears in a small booklet whose title is "Unser Lager".
    Hope to see one day this Pionier badge in a collection, it would be a great moment!

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    Thank you for posting further information on this insignia Wim. I agree with Lauri, I would love to see one of these or at least good detailed photos of one.

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    I have checked around and asked some friends that collect HJ and
    in general,
    a few of them do collect since the 1950's/1960's!
    None of them ever has seen this patch for Pionier-HJ, so it must be extremely rare
    and it is possible it was not ever made in larger quantities as the groups of such
    "formations" were only very small. Will keep on looking and informing!

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