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    I will check the writing when I have it in hand ... next year.

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    christianlohmann: did you check the writing. Was there any?

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    Yeah, I scratched a bit, found some writing, but could not decipher anything.
    You may check for yourself.

    All I learned is that Markneukirchen was/is the the most important town in the Musikwinkel.
    The Musikwinkel describes an area where a lot of musical instrument manufacturers were located.
    So the collar insignia (Lyra?) might be something connected to the area's tradition.
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    Whatever is done, it is non-regulation! I have not ever read in any HJ regulation
    the Lyra was to be worn upon the collar. The Edelweiss was. Maybe Garry can
    tell us more!

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    Hi Wim,

    No, I can't find anything official about this. The positioning of the lyre on the collar is perhaps due to the influence of the
    in the early period when this photo was taken.

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