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    RJF Reichsjugendführung insignia .

    My Reichsjugendfuhrung insignia .

    One of the top 5 hardest insignias to find and also some of the most expensive .

    I was a little conserned with The
    Gefolgschaft triangle... it took 75 days to get here from Europe .

    The enlisted rank
    shoulderstraps with the
    triangle might be the first time in 60 years that a set of this rarity has been photographed together . Personally I know of only one other single strap of the enlisted rank pattern .

    The Stammführer pair is actually an upgraded promoted pair , I have shown a photo of the undersides of these boards showing the remains of the litzen from when the HJ Leader was originally a Hauptgefolgschaftsführer .

    Enjoy my friends

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    Top items Joe. Thanks for putting the photos together and showing them here. I am lucky enough to have a set of R.J.F. straps in my collection also.

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    Thanks Darin , you and I were the lucky ones to get them for a great price a few years back from the Guild .

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    Very impressive to see them all together like that Joe

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    Congratulations Joe for your new items.
    Here is a postcard showing a
    leader of Staff with the rank of Stammführer.
    I did not think that the sending of your package would last 75 days.
    It's getting worse and worse apparently for the shipments between Europe and the USA!

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    Obergefolgschaftsführer RJF Stab shoulder board

    For reference here are my straps to add to the thread. They pale in comparison to Joe's collection but never the less another example for the reference thread for the members here.
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    Stammführer RJF

    Here is a pair of Leaders boards that I wanted but was outbid on . They sold for 1,250 Euro or 1,735 dollars .
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    shoulder straps and the following straps:
    -Bannführer for administration, G29, Feldscher and the single
    strap for leader are left again to Germany at the same collector.
    Apparently, he has many money reserve !!

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    Very nice Shoulder Straps. Of this I dream at night.
    Thank you for introduce.

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    Obergefolgschaftsführer RJF

    My little contribution to this fabulous thread !
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