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Thread: Decorated HJ

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    It also raises the question whether to count an "unofficial" award. ie one where the youth 100% deserved it but it was not actually officially granted. A good Heer example being Allerberger's RK.

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    I think at this time there are about 13 contested Rk awards with a couple of them still alive. I would image many where put foreward and the recipient given the preliminary document but higheer HQ never acting on it . Also with ref to the bravery awards most where regulated to the combat arms and the HJ was considered a political organization so in actual fact rules had to be bent to even award an EK 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    The story is supposed to have taken place in Pommerania if I recall correctly. There are allegations it was all made up by a Volkssturm commander or something of that nature.
    It would be amazing if it was true! Howver I am sure it would have been verified by now given the amount of investigative Historians over the last 65 years


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    Who knows, maybe in the future we will have more pictures about awards to the HJ.

    At the moment, then we can agree that the highest confirmed award given to a HJ was the EK1?



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    Looks that way Antonio! But heres hoping


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    Quote Originally Posted by zander View Post
    This picture is from 'In a raging inferno'
    cheers steve

    These special forces of the Hitlerjugend were especially trained to destroy tanks, this is one of the plans from Axmann. Circa 2.000 Hitlerjunge were (after their training) spread in the 9th Army. Around the 20th of April, 1945, all of these Hitlerjunge were taken out by the Russian army. They were very brave soldiers. Thought I've never seen a phot of them, thanks for sharing. Should buy that book one day.

    Friendly regards,

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    I just found put a bit more info about this picture.

    It was during the liberation of a town called Lauban. You can see it in video in the following link, from minute 1:40.

    YouTube - The Wehrmacht Series 5: To the Bitter End Part 4 of 6


    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Can anyone of you techno types make out the number on this HJ`s shoulderstrap above ?

    It appears to be #161 , but I am not sure .
    if someone can verify his strap number , then we could tell where this youth`s hometown was .

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    LAST TWO NUMBERS ARE 73 AND I THINK IT may be 473 but really hard to confirm

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    Well, the area was in Schlesien, meaning Ost, so in theory it should be a Bann located in the Gebiet Ost.... it doesnt have to be, the boy could have been sent there from anywhere...

    So far 473 is West and 161 is Nord.

    Hope somebody have the technical knowledge to check the pic and /or video and then let us know.



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